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SpeakWell is a public speaking and leadership program that builds more effective communicators. Founded in 2019, SpeakWell has grown from nine to nearly 1,000 students across the country.

Our mission is to reach and teach 10,000 learners through schools (grades 6-12), higher education institutions, and companies.

The SpeakWell model teaches communication skills required to succeed, includes mentors from acclaimed career paths who inspire students, and offers unique, real-world opportunities to demonstrate leadership and speaking skills.  
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SpeakWell is a leadership and public speaking program that combines social-emotional, leadership, and communication skills training to build stronger students and measurably more effective communicators. The program also offers unique opportunities that help students thrive in school, work, and life.

Curriculum/Program Overview

SpeakWell is a structured curriculum that was developed by international speaker and entrepreneur Patty Kennedy, and in consultation with educators, coaches, psychologists, and business leaders to help students become confident, effective communicators whether speaking to two or two thousand.


More than simply delivering a speech, the program focuses on building a leadership mindset, focus, resilience, breathing, verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. The program also offers incredible opportunities to demonstrate leadership and speaking skills. Past opportunities have included TEDx talks, opportunities to speak at international companies and publish national articles, as well as the opportunity to engage with SpeakWell mentors that include business leaders, professional athletes, actors, coaches, journalists, and entrepreneurs.


The flexible 8-10 week program is adapted by level and offered to:


  • Middle and high schools as an after-school program or layered into the core curriculum

  • Universities as an elective weekly workshop or part of the core curriculum

  • Companies as a professional development course

Contact for more information, a customized program, and rates.


See our article in Forbes “What SpeakWell Can Teach Business Leaders”.

Drama Students


  •  SpeakWell 7th-grade students became the first in the country from a K-8 school to each deliver TEDx talks

  • SpeakWell 7th-grade students far exceeded 12th-grade speaking and listening standards

  • SpeakWell students became the first students – ever – to speak on discussion panels with senior executives, CEOs, and peers at international companies including UBS, BT and Meta

  • SpeakWell students became the first from a K-8 school to write and publish national articles

  • SpeakWell graduates have received full or partial scholarships to top NYC schoools


  • Opportunity to build stronger, more emotionally resilient students, effective communicators, and leaders

  • Opportunity to build understanding and better communication within the community and across the community.

  • Opportunity to learn from high-profile leaders and guest speakers from acclaimed career paths, including notable business leaders, professional athletes, actors, and entrepreneurs 

  • Opportunity to become a TEDx speaker and participate in corporate speaking events at international companies

  • Opportunity to write and publish national articles

  • Opportunity to participate in elite basketball and acting skills camp taught by professional athletes and actors

Technology Class

“It changed my life.”

– Zena, SpeakWell Student
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