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“When working with students, educators seek to impart skills and knowledge. The fascinating thing about the SpeakWell program is that it allows students to see immediate growth and gain skills that positively impact them in the long term!”

-Phil Lazzaro, Head of the Upper School, Harvey School

SpeakWell Rocks is an experiential leadership and public speaking program that teaches leadership, social emotional, and communication skills — necessary in school, business, and life — to help students build confidence and become more effective communicators.

More than just teach students how to deliver a speech, the program leverages unique exercises and lessons to help students build confidence, growth mindset, overcome fear, develop and strengthen productive verbal and non-verbal communication and leadership skills. In addition to teaching critical communication, leadership and life skills, SpeakWell offers unique opportunities for students to learn from successful professionals in acclaimed career paths including notable business leaders, professional athletes, actors, and entrepreneurs, and the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and communication skills through first-of-a-kind speaking opportunities.

SpeakWell students became the first in the country from a K-8 school to deliver TEDx talks. SpeakWell students also became the first in the country from primary and secondary schools to speak on panels 
at international companies, including UBS, BT, Meta, and Amalgamated Bank.

Working in collaboration with educators, business leaders, and coaches, the award-winning curriculum was developed by international communication advisor and speaker, Patty Kennedy. It is delivered through programs for companies, higher education institutions, secondary schools (grades 6-12), and through athletic and acting camps. 

It is now possible to license the SpeakWell curriculum.  The curriculum is customized and adapted by level. For educational intuitions, programs can be integrated into the core curriculum or as an enrichment activity. Licensing includes a trained instructor, all support, resources, and access to guest speakers, camps, and speaking opportunities.

For companies, the program is offered as an online professional development training taught by a senior SpeakWell instructor.

High School Friends

“SpeakWell should be a staple in all schools. I can only imagine the impact on future generations because the impact on my children has been extraordinary."

-Annette Cremin, SpeakWell Parent

College Friends


  • SpeakWell students became the first in the country from a K-8 school to deliver TEDx talks.
  • SpeakWell 7th-grade students far exceeded 12th-grade speaking and listening standards.
  • SpeakWell students are the only students in the country to have spoken on panels with peers and senior executives from international companies, including UBS, BT, Meta & Amalgamated Bank
  • SpeakWell students became the first from a K-8 school to write and publish national articles
  • "It changed my life." - Zena, SpeakWell student
  • "SpeakWell has managed to package their secrets of success and teach them in an incredibly engaging way to students - very impressive!" -Anne Paoletti, Teacher  

"It’s magic what SpeakWell does! The program has given the students lifelong skills, confidence beyond measure, and astonishing exposure. SpeakWell is a treasure."

-Jeremy Hines, SpeakWell Parent  


“I honestly thought they'd be good speakers, but they are well above any students I've heard speak and well above many adults. Their ability to discuss tough topics in a productive way is incredible.

-Eric Berger, Senior Vice President, UBS Wealth Management