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Speech Therapy


Leadership is an Action

What is SpeakWell?

The SpeakWell Curricum, is a tested public speaking and leadership afterschool curriculum that has measurably demonstrated phenomenal results, creating stronger students and more effective communicators.
The curriculum was developed by professional speaker, 2x entrepreneur, and pioneer of the award-winning study: “The impact of communication on our brain - and what we need to thrive,” Patty Kennedy, and in collaboration with educators, parents, coaches, and psychologists.
Leadership Presentation

We Are Something Different

While effective public speaking is necessary in school and life, most programs focus on the elements of speaking itself – style, format, structure, articulation, presentation, projection, and persuasion.

While those important skills are included in the SpeakWell program, we focus first on building the critical foundational skills that are required for people of all ages to thrive: self-knowledge, confidence, social-emotional, leadership and communication skills, a safe space to learn, techniques to overcome fear and anxiety, inspiring role models, and real-world opportunities to practice and demonstrate learned skills.

We call it “Finding Your Voice.”
Student-by-student - across schools, universities, and companies, we're building stronger individuals, teams and communities who contribute to a better world. It's not a program. It's a movement.

By demand from secondary schools across the country, higher education institutions and companies, the core curriculum was adapted by level and is now offered to these audiences. As part of the program, special guest speakers inspire students of all ages and unique opportunities for students to build community, demonstrate leadership and share their voices.          
Giving a Speech
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